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What is the way forward? What are the trends and issues you need to consider when formulating your own (or your client’s) business and corporate property strategies? And what is the most appropriate corporate property solution?

As clichéd as it is, change is changeless. However, it feels like change is speeding up, it feels like companies are bringing everything forward to meet higher and higher expectations. But is this at the detriment of not executing the previous plan to maximum benefit?

Change is not just in time; changes in the markets, the economy, in the workplace, and of course technology mean we tend to have a more volatile view of the business environment.

Corporate Property is all about concrete, steel and people; with the primary component being people (corporations = lots of people) . People’s needs vary based on industry, built environment and location so what suits one does not always suit another. No two are the same. That means each and every corporate property solution must only focus on what is best for the corporation but to this day, so many don’t plan ahead and have no strategy or solution in place. Most have a strategy of alleviating organisational pressures rather than following a more structured and efficient corporate property plan. Most focus on the next looming lease expiry.

So what is the way forward? What are the solutions to corporate property problems?

Whatever you do, try and align your corporate property plan to your business plan as much as possible. You will save time, effort, money and heartache.

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