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Technology is ubiquitous. It is an integral part of corporate property. Digitalisation is both disrupting and enhancing corporate property and its processes. Automation of industrial processes started in the Industrial Revolution and the automation of office processes is increasingly part of the current revolution. How is this going to affect our jobs?

One of the biggest issues affecting corporate property today is technology.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution that will continue to pervade our lives more and more. Artificial intelligence (AI), big data, virtual reality and 3D printing are just some of the trends changing the ways businesses are operating. The knock-on effect is not fully appreciated as yet, however it is likely that some of the technological breakthroughs in business will affect people and their roles and jobs just like automation did during the Industrial Revolution.

The real concern is of jobs being automated and becoming obsolete. This has been going on for 100 years so is nothing new, but now technological efficiency is entering the office environment more than ever. The bricklayer will still be required to lay bricks but those working in processing (in any industry) will find that their roles will change just as they had in the past. This sort of change will spawn new roles, new professions and industries.

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