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Workplace is currently one of the most discussed topics in the corporate property industry. After all, it is the place where we work – and that is important. But where is that place? What does it look like? How does technology fit into it? How do the markets affect it and what is your workplace strategy?

2016 may be a turning point in workplaces and how they are shaped.

Cost is still an issue so spending less (if possible) on fitout will remain de rigour. Open plan workstation layouts (irrespective of design) will remain however some are starting to predict the return of offices (limited but return nonetheless) or taller workstations for greater privacy in the office. Others are returning to one work point per employee rather than the ABW ratios of seats for 75-80% of staff. The Legal profession is likely the best example of how each firm has its own views and strategy. Some are keeping their perimeter offices and internal work areas. Some are going open plan whilst others are doing hybrids.

The real point of workplace strategy is not to follow someone else’s lead but to understand and employ what suits your firm at that time.

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