Corporate property does matter, as do corporate property matters.

Our aim is to give back to the industry we have been a part of for so long. We will harness and share the thoughts, ideas, trends and insights of corporate real estate experts and thought leaders from around the country and world. We encourage your input. In fact, we cherish your input as this is an industry-wide exchange.

We are corporate property experts and will review markets to let you know how we think they may affect your corporate property. Economists we are not, but we will occasionally provide insights on economic matters.

There are so many industry sectors. Each and every one is at a different stage of dealing with its corporate property; some are not even thinking about it. We will present things that matter for specific sectors and others that cross all sectors. What are the workplace, strategy and technology matters that affect you and your industry?

We bring you trends throughout the corporate property realm. We explore what has been happening and where the market thinks it is going. We encourage your input as this is an industry-wide exchange. The more we share the better we are able to understand the trends in our industry.

Workplace is currently one of the most discussed topics in the corporate property industry. After all, it is the place where we work – and that is important. But where is that place? What does it look like? How does technology fit into it? How do the markets affect it and what is your workplace strategy?

Technology is ubiquitous. It is an integral part of corporate property. Digitalisation is both disrupting and enhancing corporate property and its processes. Automation of industrial processes started in the Industrial Revolution and automation of office processes is increasingly part of the current revolution. How is this going to affect our jobs?

Portfolio Management is the difference between being organised and not being organised. We bring you what others are doing to maximise returns, minimise risk and make their lives easier by taking control of their lease portfolios.

Corporate Solutions cut across the whole industry. Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting representation, outsourcing or out-tasking. What models work and what is the best way in getting your corporate property in the right shape that suits you and your company?

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