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Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Every industry is different - so what is happening in yours?

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

What is the solution to your corporate property problems?


One of the most discussed topics in corporate real estate

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Automation, disruption or enhancement, technology is integral
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Welcome to Corporate Property Matters

Corporate property does matter, as do corporate property matters.

Our aim is to give back to the industry we have been part of for so long. We share the ideas and insights of corporate real estate experts and thought leaders from around Australia and the world.

We will bring you views on various markets and the industry sectors within them. We present insights which matter to specific sectors and others that cross over. We share trends from across the corporate property realm.

Workplace is currently one of the most discussed topics in the corporate property industry. The way that technology is disrupting and enhancing our world, our industries and jobs begs the question: What will the workplace look like in the future? Will we have jobs and what sort of jobs will they be?

And in the end how do we deal with it all? What IS the way forward? What are the trends and issues you need to consider when formulating your own (or your client's) business and corporate property strategies? What are the corporate solutions for your business’s portfolio?

We encourage your input and comments as this is an industry-wide exchange. The more we share the better we are able to understand the trends in our industry.

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